"Infinity: Original Sound Version" is now available!
TSSF Sound, in conjunction with Materia Collective and Eric E. Hache, are proud to present to you "Infinity: Original Sound Version".

This 31-track soundtrack has been updated as of 2016, and represents a completed version of the Infinity soundtrack as it would sound should Infinity ever gets completed!

Now available on all major digital download sites and streaming platforms!

Visit here for track list information (including English and Japanese track names!)

Visit Materia Collective for purchasing details!
"Infinity" has been released!
After 15 years of cancellation hell, the Game Boy Color ® game Infinity by Affinix Software has finally been released to the public as an open-sourced demo in a ROM format (which requires the use of an emulator to run).

TSSF Sound's Mathew Valente worked on the sound engineering on this project back in 2001 in conjunction with composer and musician Eric E. Hache.

Please visit Affinix Software's website to download he demo!

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